Alchemistress is a family owned and operated shoppe offering an eclectic assortment of body jewelry and artful merchandise in a "Gothictorian" gypsy atmosphere. Now located at 17 Maple Street in the historic Trinity Church Rectory on Fall Island, the Alchemistress women welcome clients - mostly by appointment - to the beautifully remodeled, enchanting space they have created within the aged stone walls of their private "castle". Dedicated to personal service and customer satisfaction, we strive to maintain the highest industry standards in our distinctive body art, hygienic facilities and procedures, and commitment to conscientious aftercare. Dana, published and award winning photographer and artist extraordinaire, is also an herbalist and aromatherapist advocating a natural approach to aftercare. She recommends pure, botanical Skin-Alchemy products (that Alchemistress makes and provides free of charge) as an alternative to chemical pharmaceuticals for healing your piercing or tattoo. Being a Reiki practitioner and intentional healer, she welcomes the opportunity to create sacred space and incorporate ritual into the body art process for those customers interested in a meaningful passage or a deeper, more rewarding experience. Dana specializes in fineline tattoos that gracefully enhance body contours and subtly adorn with their artistic detail. But also enjoys designing tribals and lettering for clients or uniquely stylizing flash. Her complex linework techniques craft rich textures and a realism she is noted for, especially when doing custom pieces such as portraits, celtic patterns, and fantasy designs. Recently, Dana has been creating her own, original Tribalesque art, which is based on ancient, oldeworld imagery and can be seen through out the website.
So go ahead...Decorate the skin you're in!!!

Visit our gallery to see photos of the Alchemistress castle and shoppe. (The dungeon isn't quite finished yet!)

P.S. Dana also fancies herself to be the Mung MavenMung Maven of this millennium (see Mung: The Untold Story). Email her with your experiences and stories of memorable mung moments........................