The lush scent of flower flesh

Adorns the dimlit chamber's stillness.

Upon a velvet swathed altar

A single lily arches regally.

Its pearlescent grace lyrically blooms

With pure, ephemeral radiance

Amidst the weave of lambent candlelight.

Gentle stamens stretch to touch the luminous air

And dust its ambient glow in subtle colors.

Exquisite floriate blades curl, serpentine,

'Round spires of silken filament

Until they dip into sepal shadows.

And there, a subversive glance of silver bides.

The immutable metal's hardness is wedged

Through stomal rents in dulcet petalskin,

Deeply conjoining flower and steel in a severe embrace.

The lily elegantly leans into the weight of it,

Softly accepting and compliant.

Vibrant gems, enwrapped by a clutch of metal,

Drape delicately from the rigid silver jewelry

Wedded to the firmly splayed floral spathes.

They whisper resplendently amongst the lily's sensual curves,

A shining testament to the incongruous harmony of conflict.

Captured in this covenant with steel,

The flower's transient beauty

Becomes an eternal vision

Wrought from the alchemy of sublime decadence.

D. Wakefield © 2010