the Artists Bio

Dana Wakefield is a published, award winning writer and artist who raises rare and endangered animals on her northern New York farm. She graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Empire State College in 1991 and then pursued a graduate degree in Ancient Matrifocal Art at Vermont College of Norwich University. She taught Stained Glass Art classes at SUNY Potsdam for several years while working as a graphic artist, until 1998 when she opened Alchemistress Body Art Emporium. Currently located in the historic stone "castle" on Fall Island in Potsdam, N.Y., Dana does tattooing and piercing as well as crafting aromatherapy products and essential oil blends.

In her artistic creations, Dana has always been intrigued by and explored the juxtapositioning of diverse elements to design uncommon, irreverent and provocative compositions. She has been working predominately with photographic imagery of late, employing both 35mm and digital techniques. Dana's most recent passion is to photograph flowers that she has pierced, using tools and jewelry from her body art shop. Trademarked as Flowerbody Piercings, she plans to promote her unique artwork commercially as well as in the fine art field.